Privacy by design recruitment for professionals, employers and agencies.


Maximise exposure to career opportunities.


Minimise effort and risk.



What makes CAREER PRIVACY unique?

Career Privacy has been created with professional privacy at its very core.

Whilst other solutions have tried to fit privacy into models not designed for it such as individual to individual networking solutions.

Watch the above short video to understand why privacy by design will deliver your results that no other solution can.

PRIVACY, in your hands.

Privacy isn’t just a right… it’s a tool you can use to empower yourself with opportunity.

The above video will explain how Career Privacy protects your privacy and replaces CV based recruitment which can lead to a loss of control of your data.

Find out how you can use Career Privacy to help that ideal employer find you without letting everyone know you are open to offers or approaches.

NETWORK, and effortlessly build a world of opportunities.

Sit back and watch a network of interested employers grow to assist with that next step in your career.

These can be employers who are:

  • wanting immediately available professionals
  • wanting to know when you are seeking a new challenge
  • wanting to know what your expectations are so they can make suitable offers
  • those who want to build a network of preferred professionals

ATTRACT opportunity…all the time.

Attract attention to your skills and experience whilst maintaining your anonymity.

With Career Privacy you can attract attention through more than just employer searches.

Watch the video to see how Career Privacy will let you gain the attention of employers whilst at home, sitting in a cafe or just whilst riding the bus home!