60% of IT professionals offering outsourced IT services are now based in or come from India. With unprecendented growth in this service sector Career Privacy has partnered with Professional IT Services company Kindlbit PvT to beta Career Privacy Professional IT Services. 

Career Privacy Professional IT Services provides an end-to-end solution to the challenge of finding reliable, capable and cost-effective IT professional to outsource work to, with the minimum of risk. Career Privacy Professional Services is 100% FREE to businesses seeking IT professionals. Career Privacy Professional Services delivers your business with:

  • IT Professionals who are pre-vetted by established and reputable Indian IT houses including for qualifications, skills, & communication/language capabilities
  • IT Professionals who are  under professional day-to-day management/employment by an Indian IT house for the duration of any project
  • IT Professionals with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience by default

Career Privacy Professional Services delivers you with access to established development houses who will deliver:

  • Agency style services including establishing objectives and professional or team service requirements
  • Agency style services including candidate pre-interviewing and screening, candidate recommendations, interviewing & post-engagement support
  • Greater confidence in sourcing outstanding, reliable IT professionals
  • Greater security through day-to-day management of IT professionals and project teams
  • A single point of contact for dealing with all project and development matters
  • Professional administrative support

Professional Services include:

 Simply login and search by key word KINDLEBIT to browse available IT professionals and start your outsourcing journey today.