Recruitment Agencies.


Offer and receive sole agency management requests. 


Anonymous, GDPR compliant, managed candidate CV showcasing.

 Maximise and manage expressions of interest from employers and candidates. 

Commission protecting full profile access control.

Candidate profile management.

Free to use.

Client vacancy publishing & promotion and management


Client vacancy candidate shortlisting and submission to clients.


21st century technology for best of breed recruitment agencies.

Career Privacy delivers an immediate technological advantage to agencies with candidate management functionality.

In addition to data protection database cleansing Career Privacy delivers a simple intuitive means to:

a) Quickly gain sole agency of candidates on the basis of adoption of innovative technology uptake

b) Maximise efficiency for individuals, employers and agency staff

b) Solve conflicts of interest that arise from data protection requirements with the desire to promote candidates to employers

b) Maximise opportunity for candidates through showcasing whilst preserving personal privacy

c) Transition from inbox recruiting and other CV based processes

d) Focus on delivering excellence in their key services of personal service, industry expertise and specialist understandings

Career Privacy is simple to use. There are no set up or installation costs. There is no licence or user fee for access to candidate management services.

Unlock a world of potential for your candidates, your employer clients and your agency with Career Privacy for agencies.


Do you have a database of inactive or uninterested candidates? Do you need to cleanse your database from a data protection perspective?

Career Privacy provides registered agencies with functionality to cleanse your candidate database of these types of individuals. The end result of this simple process allows agencies to emerge with only engaged and interested candidates

.The process:

1) Register on Career Privacy as an employer/organisation

2) Request agency management access from Career Privacy

3) Email your candidate database offering management services on Career Privacy

4) Receive requests for management including relevant data protection consents from active and interested individuals

5) Individuals can revoke agency management access to their personal data and data remains on Career Privacy databases

Cleanse your business today with Career Privacy.


Access to candidate management allows recruitment agencies to: 1) Create and establish workflows to be used against individuals such as on-boarding checklists or due diligence procedures 2)Record and review the individuals personal preferences in terms of their careers such as any preferred or disliked employers 3) Create agency notes and descriptions against individuals for use with potential employers 4) Edit and manage individuals profiles 5) Act as the individual to attract employers attention or to register interest in vacancies 6) Utilise privacy controls to reflect current appetite of the individual in securing new roles, or, conversely a current lack of interest


Once ready you can enable anonymous showcasing of individual managed candidates to potential employers. All profiles are anonymised and appear under your own brand.

Employers are provided with searches with multiple filters to ensure that they can find exactly the types of candidates that are looking for. The profile of the managed candidate provides further information to the employer that, whilst protecting privacy, will allow employers to decide if they wish for more information. This information includes indicative remuneration and benefits expectations if appropriate. If they require further information all information requests are automatically directed to you as the managing agency.

With Career Privacy candidate management you can attract attention on behalf of managed candidates with preferred employers by acting as the indivdual on Career Privacy. This simply means viewing specific vacancies or employers on the Career Privacy platform and, if the employer has interest you will receive a request for further information. You can further promote your candidates to specific employers by using agency references as key words and send this to groups of, or individual, employers that the candidate is interested in.

Career Privacy showcasing and promotion functionality removes the need for arduous, time-consuming and insecure use of CVs. A Career Privacy profile for an individual is a tool that allows them to move away from CV based processes. However Career Privacy recognises that this may take some time to transition into agency and employer practices. To support this transition Career Privacy allows agencies to instantly create and distribute both anonymous and full profile versions of managed candidate profiles. PDF profiles can include agency notes and supporting information as required. In this way agencies can further explore and maximise opportunities for their candidates whilst protecting their privacy.


As well as responding to requests for more information agencies can act on behalf on managed candidates to raise interest with employers. This includes registering interest in vacancies.Unlike CV based approaches the Career Privacy vacancy process protects the identity of the candidate during this process until the employer has viewed their anonymous profile. At that stage, if the candidate is of interest, the employer can access the candidates full profile for a modest fee. This fee proves their interest in the candidate is genuine.

Career Privacy also provides agencies with the ability to distribute anonymous (and full) profile pdfs of managed candidates. This allows agencies to both find out if the employer:

  • has interest in the candidates skills, experience, interests and that their remuneration expectations are reasonable
  • protect the candidates privacy
  • retain control of the candidates identifying information
  • establish terms with the employer before revealing identity